Club Constitution


1. Name of Club

The name of the club shall be Coatbridge Clarion Cycling Club and shall be a non-profit making body dedicated to the supply of sporting services.


2. Club Objectives

The objectives of the club are to:

Encourage cycling in Coatbridge, Airdrie and surrounding areas.

Provide cyclists with the opportunity to meet other cyclists and enjoy the positive social and fitness benefits of riding together.

Offer a positive and supportive cycling community in which members may develop their riding.

To develop and organise a range of recreational and sporting cycling activities for the enjoyment of members and prospective members.


3. Membership

Memberships are currently invited into either Senior or Household categories. Membership is open to all and no application for membership shall be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, occupation, sex, religion, political or other opinion.

Senior membership is open to any individual aged 18 and above.

Household memberships. A household is formed by those permanently resident at the same address, with one exception, noted below.

Subject to there being a senior member resident, the second and any subsequent member thereafter, is entitled to become a Household member. This affords a 50% reduction in section membership fee. The fees due to the National Clarion are unaffected and full voting rights are retained.

Those aged 12-17 can join as Household members only, and may only ride on suitable club events where they are supervised at all times by a parent or guardian  who is also a member. A parent and child (aged 12-17) will always be treated as being of the same household, regardless of their place(s) of residence. Those below the age of 12 may be considered to join the club by agreement of the committee.

Those who have a primary registration with Scottish Cycling through another club will not be eligible for the club’s annual Best All Rounder trophy.

Prospective members must fill out an application form then lodged with the club Secretary. Membership is renewed by payment of annual subscription to the club Secretary. Failure to renew by the 31st January in any given year will result in membership automatically lapsing.

Yearly membership rates are recommended by the committee and voted on at the club AGM.

Honorary membership Lifetime honorary membership can be awarded on the vote of the membership at a General Meeting, to individuals who have made an exceptional or long-standing contribution to the objectives and the spirit of Coatbridge Clarion CC.


4. Committee

A committee consisting at least of a President, Secretary and Treasurer shall manage club affairs. Other committee positions shall be created and committee members elected at the Annual General Meeting. Committee positions are open to re-election the following year. The committee has the right to co-opt new committee members in a situation where a vacancy emerges on the committee.

The minimum number of committee members present to make an effective committee decision is three.

Definitions of key positions stated above are:

The President shall preside over both committee and annual general meetings. Where a committee vote has been set and there is an equality of votes the president shall cast the deciding vote.

The Secretary is responsible for the effective management of the club. He is responsible for minute taking at meetings and for ensuring that information regarding club matters is communicated effectively to club members. The secretary is also responsible for conveying the club and its objectives (see above) to the wider public, including recruitment of potential new members.

The Treasurer is in charge of overseeing club finances, including the club bank account and financial statements. The treasurer has final say with regard to the availability of both revenue and capital expenditure, concerned in the running of the club and the organisation of club events.


5. Affiliations

Coatbridge Clarion CC is affiliated to Scottish Cycling and is a local affiliate of the National Clarion CC. All club members must be members of the National Clarion CC. Coatbridge Clarion CC and its members shall be bound by the Constitution of the Coatbridge Clarion CC. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure that this membership is maintained on receipt of annual subscriptions.


6. Club assets


In the event of the club winding down, any money at that time accrued by the club and present after the conclusion of the club’s financial obligations (e.g. any loans/fees outstanding) shall be donated to the cause of cycling in the Coatbridge area. A final decision regarding the destination of any such donation shall be made by way of a representative vote of club members in General Meeting, from a shortlist of destinations selected by the club committee. Significant club effects, such as trophies, shall where possible return to their original donor.


7. Club principles

Club members should at all times uphold the spirit of cycling fellowship that was integral to the establishment of Coatbridge Clarion CC in the first instance. Club members taking part in club events and/or wearing club kit on the public road are expected to comply with the Highway Code and to be considerate ambassadors for the club.  Coatbridge Clarion CC colours are sky blue / black / red & white, and shall remain so until 2020 at the earliest.

If any member(s) are viewed as having acted in a way that is seriously detrimental to this spirit or the broader, positive ethos identified with the club (in conjunction with the club objectives specified in section 2), the committee has the right to exercise the ability to exclude, either temporarily or permanently, those member(s) concerned from club events and/or membership without refund of subscription.

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