Frequently Asked Questions for Coatbridge Clarion Cycling Club.


Where do your members come from?

Although club title is Coatbridge Clarion we serve equally to Airdrie, Coatbridge and surrounding areas. Our club was formed in 1934 and the clubroom in those days was at Faskine Brae, Cairnhill, Airdrie.

A considerable percentage of our membership comes from all parts of the Airdrie and Coatbridge areas. The rest come from a widespread area including Glenboig, Baillieston, Bellshill, Uddingston, Slamannan, Cumbernauld and Greater Glasgow.


Where do you meet?

We have a great club base for social meetings and indoor winter training which is the Drumpellier Cricket/Rugby Club, Drumpellier Avenue, Coatbridge ML5 1JR.


Our main weekend run is Saturday. Although some riders set of earlier for extra miles we meet back at the clubhouse at 8am for the official club run departure. We will then collect the Airdrie based riders at Curle Cycles at 8.15am and then at 8.30am the Springfield Community Centre ( Forrest St opposite Drumgelloch Railway station). Then it is off as a group for a run that suits the capabilities of those who are there. It will build your endurance and hill climbing skills as well as organised group riding practice. You will be taught all this and be well looked after with support and advice.


We do Sunday runs too. It may be circulated on a weekly basis to suit those who can go. Times will be updated to the club on website and our other means of club communication in plenty of time to plan. If not sure contact the club secretary who will know what is going on for club runs that week


On the lighter nights we do excellent midweek Progressive Club Training sessions which is great fun, very hard work and good for team building and to help you maintain a higher pace for a sustained period. You must have been with us on a weekend ride and join the club or be in the process of joining the club to be allowed to participate on these runs. New riders are not to turn up unannounced to ride in these sessions as you will not be able to join in. Once accepted to come to these sessions you will be placed in a group to suit your pace and have a more experienced rider with you to help you develop skill and strength.


Our winter indoor training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the club. Be there for 7pm to set up for 7.30 start. They are also great training and social evenings. You will need bike, indoor trainer, cycle shoes, towels for sweat and water bottles. On icy or snow conditions there may be weekend indoor sessions available too to keep up the fitness.


Do I have to be a member to come along on a club run?

Coatbridge Clarion welcomes riders who potentially want to join the club as new members. Contact us and we will give you all the info you need. We can then decide on the best way to introduce you to the club in a way to suit your experience and fitness levels. If you have a friend or two who are thinking about it encourage them to go for it too.


I want to ride with you. How fit do I have to be?

We can talk about this as there are various options available. It is better to contact us rather than just turn up. The main thing to know is that we will help you get stronger and better on a bike. This is one of the friendliest clubs you could find and we take pride in seeing all our members get better together to try and reach the next level.


Do I have to tell anyone or ask?

We’d like it if you got in contact before you come on a ride so we can make sure there will be other riders out with you. Likewise, if you have any questions about our rides please email: coatbridgeclarion@gmail.com and the club secretary or other member will go through a basic induction which includes general club rules as well.


Do you meet every Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, we will be there every Saturday. We even go out when weather is very nasty. Even if it’s snowing members have been known to go out. Very rarely with events on a particular day, circumstances might mean no one manages to make it out. If that’s the case it will be updated on the website and to the members. Sundays will be notified on the website and will also update by text to members.


What do I need to bring on a club run?

It is a club policy to wear a helmet on all club runs and events. Bring a pump, 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers, puncture kit, multi tool, rain jacket, snacks & water bottles. You should be capable of repairing a puncture but do not worry we will always help you to do it. Decent front and rear lights and reflectors are compulsory in dark conditions or poor light. This is for your own safety. In the Autumn/Winter a club policy is that you must fit mudguards as they protect you and other riders in the group and make the ride much more comfortable. Also, think about bringing some cash. If the ride stops for a break on longer runs or tough conditions, you can get something to eat and drink if you wish.


I’m not local and want to drive to the ride, where can I park?

There is car parking nearby at all departure points. The clubhouse has a good car park ideally placed for the meeting point.


What sort of distance and pace can I expect on your club rides?

This information will be posted on the website. There will always be a shorter alternative for you to take if we are a planning a longer club run.


I want to get fit for racing and cyclosportives like the Etape de Caledonia.

Then come along and start with our club runs. Over time, build up the mileage and join up with other members of the club for training rides and you’ll be well on your way. We have riders of all abilities so no matter what your level is we have riders who can help you get to the next level.


I only have a mountain bike / hybrid and I want to go out on the road rides. Is this ok?

Yes, but for your own sake stick some slicks on and a set of pedals that you ‘click’ in to. You will be able to keep up with the slower group of riders. As you build up to longer club runs you will probably want a road bike to help keep pace for faster and hillier routes.


Any other info about mudguards?

In the winter they will keep you and those behind you dry so it’s only polite to have them fitted. The club members expect this. Modern versions like SKS Race Blades / Crud Racer 2 can be fitted to most bikes but check first to make sure they will fit your bike. During the summer months it isn’t a requirement and most will take them off but some people keep them on all year long.


Do I have to have all the gear?

Your bike doesn’t have to be fancy, just safe and reliable. It is always a good idea to ask around other club members for advice on what to spend your money on. They often have a lot of good quality used stuff to pass on. We have our own excellent club kit with access to a full range of high quality cycle wear which you can only order once you have joined. We do not keep stock of items as the range is so huge. They are ordered and handmade in Scotland for you personally. Orders are placed regularly so you should be in the club kit soon after joining.


What about insurance?

You should accept responsibility for your own conduct and safety (including the safety of your bicycle and other equipment) during Club activities. You are responsible for your safety, individuals take part in any group rides at their own risk. Coatbridge Clarion and its club members accept no responsibility for the safety of anyone participating in group rides, and no liability in the event of an accident. We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate personal cover for at least third party insurance for your own sake. British Cycling or CTC membership can be taken out via the club’s affiliation for as little as £25 when you join us.


I prefer to avoid busy roads. Do you go anywhere quiet?

We do not like busy roads either. We generally keep to the quieter country roads when we can. We have a wonderful choice of routes around Coatbridge and Airdrie. These include the Campsie Hills and the Bathgate Alps. Generally we don’t see that many cars on our rides.


Is there a minimum age on a club run?

Under 16 year olds may participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian, otherwise the minimum age is 16. Even then we would expect your parents to be in full agreement with you joining the cycle club.


How did the club start up?

The club has a long history of racing and social runs. The Club started in 1934 as the Coatbridge and District Clarion. We have evidence of multiple race wins in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Unfortunately in the late 1960s/1970s the club became dormant due to illness affecting the main person running the club. A couple of year ago we decided to bring the club back to life. This was an instant success and we have members of the original Coatbridge Clarion now in their 70s and 80s back in our membership. We involved them in the kit design process. The sky blue is a new addition to the kit which not only looks great but eye catching to other road users. The red, white and black compliment the design but are also in tribute of the original club colours of our great club.


Boots and Spurs what does that mean?

Traditionally Clarion riders greet each other by saying “Boots!” and respond by saying “Spurs!” It comes from when Clarion newspaper editor Robert Blatchford, used to sit in the barracks late at night telling stories between friends…to make sure their listeners were still awake, the storyteller would say ‘Boots!’ those still awake would reply ‘Spurs!’, the story would continue. ‘Boots and Spurs’ continues to be the Clarion call to this day the length and breadth of the country and is the name of our high quality bi-annual newsletter individually posted to the homes of the members.



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