by coatbridgeclarion on March 10, 2019

Free App for members that is Strava approved and links direct to your account.

Created in conjunction with Pro cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes.

Get weather tailored to cyclists, including filters for best times to ride in your location. Get historical data and weather insights for fastest weekly, monthly, yearly and record breaking weather conditions in over three hundred thousand global locations

Know if your saved segment or location is fastest this week, month, year, ever
Get notified when your Strava segment is good for KOMS
Authorise veloweather on your Strava account to automatically include weather on your activities
Traditional weather applications are geared for pedestrians that want to avoid a bit of pitter patter.

We got proper sick of having to debate maths on every weather application out there to try and decipher what kind of day its going to be like on the bike.

Created in conjunction with Pro cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes. We’ve created a cyclist tailored experience along with an AI based weather algorithm that tells you what kind of day you can expect on the bike, what Strava KOMS you can target based on that score within that weeks weather, you can even watch and receive notifications on your local segments and locations and know way in advance which days will be ideal to target speed/pb’s or target based sessions or KOMS on leaderboards.

If you’re a cyclist or endurance athlete that spends a lot of time training and racing outdoors you’ll ever need to look at a traditional weather app again.

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