by coatbridgeclarion on March 6, 2014

Coatbridge Clarion at Summerlee


Coatbridge Clarion is a vibrant cycling club based in Coatbridge & Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. Are you from Lanarkshire or Glasgow and looking for an established and properly structured cycle club? Look no further than Coatbridge Clarion! We are one of the few clubs who are happy to take on people new to cycling.

We are looking for new riders on a weekly & monthly basis to join. We have experienced riders of all abilities who will help you develop your skills and fitness to help you get to the next level in a friendly and supportive manner – whether it be social, cycling or entering sportives/ cycle races. Make contact with our club now and our Club Secretary John will introduce you to the club in away that suits your lifestyle and ability. So why wait?


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